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Given the degree to which consultants, senior nurses, business managers and other senior staff enter into discussions with implications, it is surprising how few have any personal negotiation training at all. It's crucial, whether discussing a job plan, fighting for resources or simply managing the service in collaborations with others and wider management. In this very comprehensive programme based on time-honoured practice coupled to the latest behavioural understanding, we'll focus firmly on practical skills, as well as typical traps and how to avoid them, with the intention of ensuring that you are super-professional in your negotiations but most importantly very effective and successful. Think what you could achieve with advanced skills in this area...

Pricing Structure

Our Easyjet-style pricing means places start at £195 + VAT for the first 5 places, step to £230 + VAT for the next block and then revert to the standard price of £265 + VAT. It's not time-related, it's 'places available at' and so it pays to book swiftly to secure one of the lower price places.

This means that you get the best price available by booking early but it does require payment at the time of booking, as the place is attached to you and that denies someone else the chance. In the event study leave is declined, refunds are issued according to standard terms & conditions.



  • Why so many fail at negotiating - critical common pitfalls
  • Understanding the battle at play - the crocodile versus the cortex
  • The successful negotiation - what does it look like?
  • Robust, practical negotiating framework
  • Identifying the issues in negotiations
  • From positions to needs
  • Understanding power dynamics
  • Separating the people from the problem
  • Choosing the right approach
  • Setting up your chances BEFORE you start



  • Optimising the steps, stages and phases of a successful negotiation
  • Key things that make big differences - to you!
  • Creating a compelling proposition
  • Best Alternative (BATNA) - formulation & use
  • Walking Away Point (WAP) - managing yourself
  • Avoiding blind alleys and corners
  • Recovering from blind alleys and corners
  • Overcoming intransigence
  • Dealing with manipulation & coercion
  • Getting to a YES both parties believe in



In this part of the programme, we’ll focus on a range of scenarios that occur frequently in healthcare:

  • Job planning
  • Negotiating around PAs and SPAs
  • Business plans and resources
  • Operational and financial targets or improvement
  • Changes to working practice e.g. changing clinic days or hours
  • Shared governance e.g. ensuring acceptance of risk
  • As a Service Lead, Matron or other leader
  • Negotiating outside your Trust boundaries
  • Negotiating with Commissioners or Regulators

Course Dates

  • London - 12th, Jun 2018
  • Manchester - 2nd, Oct 2018
  • London - 5th, Dec 2018


  • First Five Delegates: £195.00
  • Next Five Delegates: £230.00
  • Standard Price: £265.00

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