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Effective utilisation of mentoring is widely regarded as one of the most performance enhancing and individual supporting activities in the professional tool bag, whether assiting new team members, developing enhanced capabilities or resolving performance difficulties. Crucial to providing the best support to trainees of those newly in post, it is even more vital in supporting colleagues through challenges or difficulties. Our Advanced Mentoring programme is designed to provide a significantly enhanced ability in a wide variety of circumstances. Highly practical in nature, it utilises a robust framework but with advanced-level behavioural skills to match, all designed to take your mentoring ability to a whole new level. Packed with tools you can use straight out of the box.

Pricing Structure

Our Easyjet-style pricing means places start at £195 + VAT for the first 5 places, step to £230 + VAT for the next block and then revert to the standard price of £265 + VAT. It's not time-related, it's 'places available at' and so it pays to book swiftly to secure one of the lower price places.

This means that you get the best price available by booking early but it does require payment at the time of booking, as the place is attached to you and that denies someone else the chance. In the event study leave is declined, refunds are issued according to standard terms & conditions.



  • The multiple roles of mentoring in healthcare
  • Different types of mentoring for different purposes or needs
  • Proactive versus reactive mentoring
  • Setting expectations and contracting
  • Defining the areas of focus
  • Ensuring common understanding & expectations
  • The impact of differing psychologies
  • Ensuring a good psychological fit between mentee and mentor
  • The mentoring contract
  • Boundary setting in mentoring relationships
  • Getting the first session right
  • Planning closure from the start


  • The Grow Medical Advanced Mentoring Model
  • Understanding the 6 Core Components
  • Understanding the Gameplan Framework
  • The preparation phase
  • The application phase
  • The separation phase
  • Structuring mentoring sessions for maximum output
  • The time between - personal contracting
  • Effective questioning techniques to support insight growth
  • Developing a repertoire of reflective questions


  • The impact of individual wiring on the mentoring relationship
  • Stepping outside of your own limiting viewing lens
  • Understanding issues from multiple dimensions
  • Tailoring communication styles to individuals
  • Active listening skills in mentoring
  • Communicating areas of concern without escalation
  • Understanding emotional impact
  • Managing emotional hijack and adverse responses
  • Techniques for developing insight in the presence of myopia


Mentoring for Learning

  • Learning relationships in mentoring
  • Getting the best from the learning relationship
  • Balancing directive, reflective and didactic methods
  • Fostering responsibility & self-reliance
  • Nurture versus navigate
  • The Gameplan Framework for Learning

Mentoring New Staff

  • Core issues facing new staff
  • Defining the core mentoring purpose
  • Defining the areas of focus and their prioritisation
  • The Gameplan Framework for new staff
  • Creating the Gameplan
  • Setting SMARTIE goals and milestones
  • Using lead and lag indicators to assess progress
  • The first 90 days and ensuring realistic goals

Mentoring New Consultants

  • The new staff approach applied to consultants
  • Unique challenges where mentoring plays a part
  • What NOT to address through mentoring
  • Suitable mentors for new consultants
  • The Gameplan Framework for new consultants
  • Differentiation between brand new versus new to this Trust

Mentoring Juniors

  • Typical issues facing juniors
  • The learning needs versus the newness needs
  • The impact of insufficient time
  • Overcoming typical challenges
  • Ensuring maximum engagement from the outset
  • The EGOR Mentoring Framework for juniors
  • Career enhancement and acceleration
  • Enhancing development and performance simultaneously
  • The Gameplan Framework for juniors

Mentoring to Resolve Difficulties

  • Mentoring in poor performance scenarios
  • When personal difficulties are present
  • Resolving matters arising in revalidation
  • Ensuring focus, drive and application
  • Critical approaches to goal setting and standards
  • The importance and application of a review cycle
  • Ensuring a positive relationship regardless of difficulties
  • Supporting the human being effectively
  • When difficulties persist despite mentoring

Course Dates

  • Manchester - 15th, Jun 2018
  • London - 19th, Sep 2018
  • Manchester - 20th, Nov 2018


  • First Five Delegates: £195.00
  • Next Five Delegates: £230.00
  • Standard Price: £265.00

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