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Targets are collapsing, individuals are in corridors and elective care is out the window in many Trusts. Clinical staff are working flat out in under-resourced conditions out of commitment and determination. It's at these times that safety takes on a new level of importance and that would now include safety for staff, after the recent manslaughter charge and striking off of an ST6 in paediatrics. This day will take an urgent look at how systems need to be adapted to ensure all are safe and care can be delivered confidently today.


This course will place special attention on ensuring that patients, staff and clinical leaders all remain as safe as possible, whilst still continuing to confidently deliver care. It will also tackle specifically how to gain traction on concerns when Trusts don't appear to be listening.

Special Pricing Structure

This programme is being video-captured, which means three things - that it is super-packed with the latest thinking, it is available at a set, special rate on a first-come-first served basis and that you gain access to the video-version afterwards. Places on these tend to literally just go (not surprising really) and we are not flexible on numbers because of the video requirements.




  • Safety in the context of current system overload
  • What constitutes safe, and for whom?
  • Learning from the sad case of Hadiza Bawa Garba
  • Are existing clinical governance arrangements sufficient?
  • Differentiating bewteen chronic and acute risk
  • Other types of risk and how to assess them
  • Improving risk assessment in light of Bawa Garba
  • What constitutes effective early warning?
  • Building robust early warning systems and triggers
  • Principles of effective escalation
  • Deciding on coping at the service level versus escalation
  • Your responsibilities as leader
  • Remaining personally safe as the responsible clinician
  • How to start the process of strengthening systems
  • Ensuring vertical alignment with safety systems
  • Embedding heightened systems and escalation into daily life
  • Ensuring that juniors and middle grade know what to do
  • Planning for safer risk periods e.g. doctor changeover
  • Adapting rotas to improve safety
  • Tackling the Trust when safety comes at a premium
  • Difficult decisions and hard choices when it's going wrong



The above content is broken down into distinct, logical sections, as follows:

  1. Understanding the Modern Safety Context
  2. Risk Assessment for Today's Tough Times
  3. Building Better Responsiveness
  4. Risk Mitigation & Safety Improvement
  5. Vertical, Horizontal & External Alignment
  6. Personal & Professional Survival (that you hope you'll never need)


Course Dates

  • London - 26th, Jun 2018


  • First Five Delegates: £165.00
  • Next Five Delegates: £165.00
  • Standard Price: £165.00

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