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Academyst61 Day
Clinical Director & Service Leader Acceleration Programme (CDSL) is a series of 3 single-day courses that can be taken together or in isolation, devised by Dr Sara Watkin (Clinical Service Lead of a £20 million highly complex, very profitable, acute service) and Mr Andrew Vincent, Specialist in Leadership, Behaviour & the Emerging Healthcare Landscape.
Programme 1 - Understanding the Secure & Successful Service of Today - is designed to ensure that the CD or Service Lead fully understands the changing context of a service and consequently the true job to be done by an effective lead today. It is not only perfect for aspiring Service or Divisional Leads but also for those with time in post who realise that a new framework is necessary for success today. The intended outcome from Programme 1 is a context aware, well-organised Service Lead with a clear picture of their leadership & management role, emerging challenges or agendas and how their service may change over time.
Pricing Structure
Our new Easyjet-style pricing means places start at £185 + VAT for the first 5 places, step to £210 + VAT for the next block and then revert to the standard price of £255 + VAT. It's not time-related, it's 'places available at' and so it pays to book swiftly to secure one of the lower price places.
This means that you get the best price available by booking early but it does require payment at the time of booking, as the place is attached to you and that denies someone else the chance. In the event study leave is declined, refunds are issued according to standard terms & conditions.


Included in this Course

This highly intensive, 1-day course also comes with additional e-learning support to ensure you develop a true depth of knowledge about the emerging context for services. All materials, refreshments, a light lunch and a CPD Certificate are provided too.

Pre-course Preparation

There is a certain amount of pre-course preparation to be undertaken to get the best from the course. Not only are CPD points included due to the nature of this pre-course but it ensures that you turn up ready to learn and apply to your own unique context. Pre-course includes:

Online Learning - Insights

  • Designed to ensure sufficient system knowledge
  • Ensures practical, focused approach on the day
  • Helps training to be seen in its true context
  • Allow 8 hours for this preparation

Review of Service Scenario Case

  • Prepares you for a very practical course
  • Allows the course to focus on practical application
  • Creates experiential learning in safe surroundings

The emerging service context

  • The underlying and emerging bigger picture - drivers of health policy
  • Population, debt and the likely future financial position
  • Why competition and what does that really mean?
  • The changing nature of service delivery
  • Disruptive innovations and what they might look like

What constitutes a business and clinically safe service?

  • What puts services at risk today?
  • The 4 cornerstones of security
  • Aligned strategy for clinical services
  • Ensuring a team with insight and understanding
  • Organising a service for safety, success & sustainability
  • Developing the right cultural characteristics

Defining the job to be done

  • Leadership & management responsibilities
  • Working effectively with the wider organisation, including senior management
  • Effective networks and relationships
  • Commissioning - how it is changing and what you need to know & do
  • From where you are to where the service needs to be
  • Enablement of service success - understanding Enablement
  • Beyond self - understanding how your inner human can undermine you

Critical agendas and what they might mean

  • Integration, collaboration
  • Innovating delivery models
  • Technology agendas and how they may affect you
  • Secondary care to primary care shift
  • The shift to true 7-day working
  • Developing foresight and a proactive approach to readiness

Course Dates

  • London - 23rd, Jan 2018
  • Manchester - 7th, Mar 2018
  • London - 23rd, May 2018


  • First Five Delegates: £185.00
  • Next Five Delegates: £210.00
  • Standard Price: £255.00

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